Frequently Asked Questions

Possums are a protected species, which means it is against the law to kill them.

They can instead be removed from your roof cavity and your property possum proofed to stop them re-entering.

No, legislative requires that we can only remove it 50m from where we catch it as it is a territorial animal.

No, we will repair the hole(s) that it currently enters through as well as holes that it could potentially enter through in the future. We offer a 12 month warranty with all of our possum proofing – if they re-enter within the warranty we will remove the possums for free.

We provide clients with a 12 month guarantee with our work; if it gets back in during this time we will come back and fix it for free.

  • Possums will urinate through your roof leaving yellow stains on your ceiling or walls.
  • They will also defecate all through the roof space.
  • Possums can get caught in lighting wires in your roof and damage lights. They won’t normally eat the wires but are a fire hazard for this reason.
  • They can die in your roof, causing a rancid smell to seep through your roof into your living spaces.
  • Possums make nests in insulation by tearing it up and moving it around your roof.
  • Possums can carry lice, ticks and other bugs, making them a health hazard for you and your family.

None of these are effective long term. The only effective solution is to remove the existing possums and possum proof your property to ensure they do not re-enter.

Cut back tree branches that give possums access to your roof: 1.5m minimum from guttering.

It usually takes up to one week.

Yes they can because the possum has a natural instinct to try and re-enter “his home” in your roof.  This is where another form of housing should be tried, in the form of possum boxes. These nesting boxes can be put in a tree or any safe comfortable area. Urbanization sprawl has made it harder for  possums to survive in their natural habitat.