We contacted Jack following the death of two possums in our ceiling which caused a horrible stench.

Jack arrived the next day and spent about an hour inspecting our premises before advising that all we really needed to do was to cut down the pencil pines beside our home which would stop the possums getting into our roof.

We were very impressed with Jack’s professionalism and honesty – he could’ve charged us much more.

Would definitely recommend Jack to anyone who has a problem with possums.


We contacted Jack when the pitter patter of little feet in the ceiling started to sound like a nightly possum party.

He was able to seal up the roof & provide an exit point for the possums. After a couple of days all activity in the roof ceased and we have now been living in peace for several months without any possums in our roof.

Jack did a great job in removing the possums humanely and permanently.

Jim & Anthea

We contacted Jack about a possum problem we’ve been having for quite sometime now.

He was quick to respond, had a thorough look, explained everything and gave us a quote on the spot. The pricing was similar or even a bit less compared to other companies.

We accepted it and he started immediately. He’s an expert and his calm demeanour took away my anxiety of getting the possums out before they damaged my roof. They’re out and we have peace of mind. Thank you very much.


Thanks Jack, peace and quiet at night!  You were excellent and I will recommend your service to friends and family.


We appreciated the prompt, friendly service and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to any neighbours and friends that have possum problems.

Samantha & Jack

We saw Jack’s business online offering free onsite appoinment.  He was excellent and removed that possum in 48 hours!

Cheers, Brian