Having a nice clean and pest free home is something that means a lot to us not just because of the cleanliness and absence of critter but it is also important for hygiene and health. Some of the most annoying pests that could invade your home would be mice and rats. To some these may be cute and look like something you would want as a pet but others see them as disgusting and gruesome. The truth is, it is not just about the looks but the actual behaviour of these pests that can be the problem.

Mice and rats tend to scurry around the home every now and then, trying to get around the home and sometimes they will even begin to nibble and try to tear through parts of your home in order to make passageways for them. They can crawl around your home, taking food and tossing trash around if they go digging in your bins. They tend to leave droppings or leak urine in places you wouldn’t expect which can also be very dangerous to health due to the germs and in some cases sicknesses that can be caused.

Worse thing that could happen is they begin to breed and later on an infestation begins in your home where bit by bit things become messy, odours start to increase and your items start to go missing, have bite marks and more. It is important you know the things you can do to prevent rats and mice from entering, staying and taking over your home.

Here are ways you can prevent rats and mice:

Outdoor Growth and Objects

One of the main areas where mice and rats easily hide is in grasses, succulent plants or any area where they can take cover such as broken vehicles, piles of debris or anything they can fit into. Make sure you get rid of or tidy up any sort of objects that could be made into their home outside of your house. Trimming the grass on your lawn and making sure that there is no place for them to take cover will prevent them from trying to approach your house using this kind of cover and will deny them the opportunity of living in any objects or debris that is outside your home.

Indoor And Outdoor Openings

If a rodent gets the slightest hint of an entrance to your home, the possibility of them not trying to enter will be slim. If there is an opening, mice or rats will attempt to get inside, even if they need to claw and bite their way inside, especially if they smell food. Avoid using materials that are easy to break and if there are any loose openings, it would be wise to cover them up so they won’t be used as passages going into your home.

When indoors check that there are no holes or spaces around that may be used by rodents to get from one place to another while evading you. The more you see them, the less they will be able to get around. If you cut off their passageways they will have no choice but to leave or will be vulnerable to be caught or exterminated. Make sure there are no holes or areas where they can reach that can be turned into a home because if they do find a spot, a real problem can occur if they begin breeding.

Cutting of their access will cause them to starve, die or run around more which may allow you to catch or get rid of them. Other times if they cannot find food they will eventually attempt to leave to avoid starvation but that is only if they completely have no chance of getting food.


Access To Garbage And Leftovers

One man’s trash is a rodent’s treasure and this is true especially when there is a huge bag of garbage waiting to be opened by them. One of the worst things is rodents chewing up garbage bags or knocking down bins in search of food. If they have access to such sources, then you can expect them to be staying for a while and even more may show up. Be sure to make sure all trash is sealed and that they are not easily knocked over to make sure they won’t be able to access this as well as make a mess.

Use bins that are sturdy and make sure your trash isn’t left lying around, keep it in a trash bag and inside a bin or trashcan to avoid them knocking them over and in case they try to climb in, well, then that’s one rodent caught then.

Access To Water

One of the main things that can keep rodents is a source of water and where there is both water and a supply of food it can eat, it will tend to stay nearby. Be sure you don’t have any leaks or any water that is accidentally stored as even puddles can be a water supply for rodents. Denying them access to resources they need to survive will keep them away or even force them to leave and sometimes even die.


Rats and mice can be a very irritating issue when it comes to living in a home you sought to be without rodents. Of course you don’t have to live with them and you can most definitely live without them. Best thing to do is always be prepared and to avoid any possible starts for an intrusion from rodents it is important that you always keep everything clean and organised to avoid giving them a chance to make your home into their own. Aside from having a clean and organised home, it makes everything far more tidier and will be beneficial for several more reasons.